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The blend ‘Balance Me’ has been designed to help you feel emotionally balanced. For women, especially during the time of their menstrual cycle, it is important to help regulate your hormones and bring clarity to your mental state.

Simply apply your roller to your temples, along the chest, and across the lower abdomen area. The balancing effects will take place within 20 seconds of applying, as the oils penetrate deep into the skin and enter the bloodstream.

- 10ml Reusable Amber Glass Bottle

- 100% Pure Essential Oils

- 3% Dilution – Safe Everyday Use

- Diluted with Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

- Vegan & Cruelty-Free

- Handmade in Adelaide, Australia 

- Clary Sage [ Salvia Sclarea ] Pure Essential Oil

- Frankincense [ Boswellia ] Pure Essential Oil

- Myrrh [ Commiphora Myrrha ] Pure Essential Oil

- Certified Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil

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